Barking Behaviour
We all have the right to live with a pet. However we are responsible for making sure that our companion is not a nuisance to others. Imagine, for a moment what your neighbours must feel when they are subjected to incessant noise from a dog: elderly people who have a rest during the day, students who need to concentrate to prepare for exams even someone home due to illness. Barking is a natural form of behaviour for a dog. A dog that barks to give warning of an intruder or a danger, or to communicate his joy to his master, is simply expressing his emotional state.

HOWEVER, if your dog forms the habit of barking at the slightest external provocation, this behaviour becomes unacceptable.

There are different levels of nuisance behaviour depending on the breed, personality, age and history of the dog. These problems can sometimes grow so serious that an owner has no option but to get rid of his dog.

To prevent things from reaching this stage, and solve the problems as soon as they arise consider using an Anti Bark Collar. These collars are a tried and proven method of enabling you to retrain your dog.

When your dog barks, a static correction is emitted at the lowest level you have set. If the behaviour continues the corrections will increase with each successive bark. There are 3 selectable ranges, each range consists of 6 incrementing levels of correction. Giving a total of 18 levels. The collars we use are activated by a combination of sound and vibration. This means a neighbour’s dog barking or loud sound cannot activate the collar by mistake.

The collar also has a SAFETY TIME OUT, if your dog barks 15 times consecutively within a 1-minute period the unit will disable sensors and remain inactive for 3 minutes, then reset itself to the original setting.

Each time your dog barks, the electronic bark-sensing unit, releases a brisk, citronella spray in front of your dog’s nose. This effect is sufficient to startle your dog and interrupt its undesirable behaviour. The smell of the citronella which is unpleasant to dogs then begins to irritate the dog’ s nasal passage. Through this harmless conditioned reflex the citronella discourages and reinforces to your dog that barking is unpleasant.

The sensing unit holds approximately 18-25 sprays. Citronella is a 100% natural spray, safe for all dogs, people and the environment. Citronella can be used safely on all healthy dogs.

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and do not know the health of your dog. If you have any concerns regarding your dogs health contact your local veterinarian. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure all health and safety precautions are taken when using any equipment hired from Barking-Mad.
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